The following article presents an Azure DevOps AKS project implemented and operated by Bilal Chabbi with GitOps on behalf of Nimbus Structure. More detailed information can be found in the attached documentation. 

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    The client's mission was to improve the agility and scalability of the application delivery process, reduce operational costs and increase the reliability of the delivered applications. The quality objectives were to define the AKS deployment process, e.g. reliability, scalability, maintainability and security. 

    The architecture should consider the essential functions that the AKS deployment process should provide:  

    • the automatic scaling of the AKS cluster 
    • the automatic deployment of new versions of the application 
    • the integration with monitoring and logging systems,
    • the deployment of containerised applications using Kubernetes manifests, 
    • the configuration of network policies and integration with Azure DevOps pipelines.

    The relevant stakeholders in the task included stakeholders such as developers, operations teams, security teams and business stakeholders. The tasks also included communicating and advising on the expectations of the AKS deployment process, e.g. usability, scalability, security and compliance.

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