Our Mission

We lift companies into the cloud


We lift companies into the cloud

By combining public, private and multi-clouds, we provide more resilience. To this this, we break down complex IT constructs and increase the processing speed through CI/CD processes for more continuity in your company.

We combine on-prem systems with state-of-the-art cloud technologies or accompany you during the transition to the cloud. In doing so, we take the approach of conserving resources, refining security standards and perfecting availability.

Unternehmen in die Cloud
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"Free will in a digital world"

Which data is passed on and which data actually has added value for third parties?  How does data collection work and which systems are behind the big ones?

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The Free Will
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As a full-service provider, we develop architectures, implement systems and enable corporations to make the leap into 24/7 high level availability, in order to offer their customers premium customer service.

Our expertise includes: Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes and cloud orchestration.

To keep our state of the art standard, we undergo regular certification in: MS Azure, RedHat Openshift, CPSA, Kubernetes, Terraform, ITIL, SCRUM.

Nimbus Structure supports your corporation in transformation strategies so that the rhythm of progress can be maintained.

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